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Annual Pricing for your web page (in Rupees): Link from your

Locality:             600/-  (Only for Delhi)

District:           1,000/-  (Only for India)

State:              3,000/- (Anywhere on the planet)

Country:       13,000/-  (Anywhere on the planet)

Continent:    63,000/-  (Anywhere on the planet)

Currently, three (3) months are free! So effectively, you get fifteen (15) months!


You may select the Page from which the Link has to be given, whether it is your Locality, your District, your State, your Country etc. The charges are accordingly. Please note that the page will be the same in any case. It is the page from which the link is given that decides the cost. Please also note that currently we are accommodating only the Localities of Delhi, and we are accommodating only the Districts of India. So, if you are out of Delhi but within India then your link can be given from anywhere except your Locality. And if you are out of India then your link can be given from anywhere except your District (or equivalent in your country) and except your Locality. If you don’t find the connecting pages to your desired projection area currently, don’t despair – just send us your details (with the payment), and then the necessary links or / and pages shall be introduced.


You can send a Cheque currently by ‘Registered Post’ or ‘reliable Courier’ in favour of Sandeep Vij payable at Delhi at the address given below. Please note that we will not be able to accept responsibility for Cheques not received by us. If you are in Delhi, we can actually come down and collect the payment in Cash or Cheque from ya. For better safety (if you wish), yes you may add the Payee Account No. after the Payee name. For that, please contact us.









Sandeep Vij,

Ether Domains,

C2B / 81C, Janak Puri,

New Delhi – 110058,



You can always get in touch by phone.

Mobile: +91-9716082650

Land Line (Office) +91-11-65809933



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